1216 Hudson Place – Davidson

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“Building this home was great fun. Sourcing all the antique architectural components we incorporated was a true adventure! Especially the floors which came out of a pre-1900s era school house ceiling, near the Pee Dee River in South Carolina. The front doors, the columns and the fireplace…they each have their story.

We’ve often felt like we are living in a mountain lodge here. The views of the changing sky and the evolving nuances of color on the tree trunks, branches and leaves of the woods as the seasons change is exquisite. And from the oversized arched window upstairs in the bonus room/bedroom suite, you have a front row seat of the Perseid meteor showers in August.

Everything becomes so tranquil before sunset in Hudson Place. And the rear deck is the ideal place to watch the sunset and relax as dusk settles in and the sounds of owls beginning their evening activities along the greenway begin. If you love song birds, this home is utopia. Just sitting at the breakfast table or working at the kitchen sink, look out the windows and you can literally watch a dozen varieties of birds on average each day. Finches, tufted tit-mice, cardinals, chickadees, redheaded woodpeckers and blue birds are regulars. Hawks also frequently land on the branches of trees in the back yard. And in summer, the humming birds are plentiful and very entertaining.

This home was ideal for our son and daughter. Having a bedroom suite in the walkout basement gave our son and his rambunctious friends plenty of space to “be boys”, while our daughter preferred an upstairs bedroom and throwing slumber parties in the guest room suite (now our bonus room). So it was always “girls dorm” up and “guys locker room” down at our house, with everyone gathering in the kitchen for frequent buffet style meals!

Hudson Place has evolved into a nice balance of young and families among the empty nesters. Halloween has become a lively event now and the night Santa drives through the neighborhood on his annual “fire truck ride” is the best of all! Adults and children alike get butterflies in their stomachs when they hear the siren and “Ho, Ho, Ho” on the megaphone as the truck approaches. The young kids just squeal with joy as they run to the curb to wave to Santa. That night NEVER gets old!

Kids growing up in Hudson Place have a great situation. When very young, the stretch of sidewalk to the end of the cul-de-sac is provides adventure and protection for them. Yet, by the time they reach 5th grade, they are walking, biking and skate boarding to Main Street Davidson for ice cream or to kick a soccer ball on the green with friends. When the days are colder and shorter, there’s usually a crew of boys playing tag football at the entrance to the greenway just two doors down. And weekends are a wonderful time for the whole family to stroll or bike down the greenway,

At 1216 Hudson Place, life is good!”

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