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The things we have enjoyed most about living here are:

• Our well water. It is delicious.

• The quiet feel of Lincoln County yet with easy access to Lake Norman attractions and a very direct route to Charlotte & CLT airport (Route 16/485).

• Both our neighborhood and the Denver community as a whole are a great mixture of NC natives and transplants from other parts of the country. Being transplants ourselves, it was easy to find people from places we’ve lived before, but we’ve also gotten to know lots of lifelong North Carolinians.

• We love our excellent elementary school (Rock Springs) and the whole county public school system overall has a good reputation.

• The local YMCA (Sally’s YMCA) is a terrific community center with fitness, classes, and a fun outdoor swimming pool during the summer season.

• Cabbella’s is the best place to get a cup of coffee, and Savory Plum Bistro and Bakery is another local treasure.


What our neighbors are like:

• Around the rest of the neighborhood you’ll find many kind people in all stages of life. There are young couples with young children, middle-aged families, and retirees. There are usually one or two block parties throughout the year and we all get along very well.

We enjoy this particular house/floorplan because:

• We find this house is very comfortable, easy to maintain, and easy to keep clean.

• We enjoy the kitchen; we cook every single day and love having the large pantry and immediate access to the dining and breakfast areas. The counter space has been adequate for our family of five.

• For our taste, it has just the right flooring in each room (hardwood in living spaces, carpet in bedrooms, tile in bathrooms).


Some things you may want to know are:

• We are the first occupants of the home, which was completed in early 2007. The builder’s name is Jerry Maggs. I do not know if he is still in the area.

• The wooded lot next to ours (east side) has remained un-sold for about 10 years.

• The well house has a temperature-controlled heat lamp inside to prevent the pump and pipes from freezing. A very nice feature.

5736 Cedar Run Road

Property Features:

• The office/den attached to the master bedroom and the bed/bath off of the living room are an addition which we completed in 2013. The builder’s name is Wayne Orndorff.

• Because the house was converted from a 3BR/2BA to a 4BR/3BA, we added a fourth line to the septic field. The septic tank is on the east side of the house and the drainage field crosses the whole front yard.

• As part of the addition, we installed a new high-efficiency HVAC system and a touch-screen programmable thermostat. We’ve been very happy with the new system.

• Underground cables run through the back yard and down the east side of the property. This includes AT&T phone lines and power lines (Rutherford Electric). If you wanted to add a pool or anything like that these lines could be easily re-routed.

• Ours is the ONLY house on the street with a Cable connection. Charter cable installed a run from the main road down to the box you see down by our mailbox. The cable runs underground from there to the west side of the house and most rooms in the house have cable jacks. Television, Phone, and high-speed Internet service are all available from Charter. You can also get phone and internet service from AT&T, but I would not recommend them for internet (very very slow). Many homes on the street have satellite television.

• We have tons of electronic devices, so we installed USB-compatible outlets in the master bedroom and in the kitchen counter.


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