Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Have you participated in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in your area?  Families can sign-up to buy a ‘share’ of a farmer’s crops and the farm provides weekly boxes of fresh produce and other farm products.  You can often select foods you do and do not like, and receive a variation each week.  Sometimes these boxes can include the farm’s eggs, cheese, meat, plants or other products from their farm.  Some Community Supported Agriculture boxes are delivered to your doorstep, while others provide a common pick-up location for their share owners.

CSAs benefit both the farmer and the consumer.  The consumer receives fresh, local produce each week which provides a more well-rounded diet, while the farmer gets to market his/her products earlier and later in the season.  CSAs also offer the opportunity for families to try fruits or vegetables they would not normally purchase in the grocery store.  This, in turn, provides another opportunity to try out new recipes.  Your family may find a new favorite vegetable or dish!

To locate your closest farm participating in a Community Supported Agriculture, click here.  Many share owners look forward to their weekly deliveries and feel connected to the community by supporting their local crops.


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